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At Acacia, our infant nursery staff of certified caregivers manage the schedule for your child as an extension of the schedule you establish at home.  In other words, feeding and nap times fit your family’s schedule rather than being forced into a schedule determined by our staff.

We believe providing a child-centered program based on the needs of each child is the highest and best calling for our caregivers and educators.  From your child’s very first day at Acacia, our team focuses on his or her total well-being. Communications skills begin to develop as caregivers speak and read to your child. This one-on-one attention helps your infant build listening, memory and vocabulary skills. Children whose parents and caregivers frequently talk and read to them know more words by two years of age than those who have not been read to, so at Acacia we do this with your child every day.

A separate sleeping area is provided for resting and naps, continually supervised to insure your child is safe. Physical care is a priority.


As your child moves from crawling to walking skills, beginning to explore the world, our toddler teaching staff helps with the transition from an individual schedule to some common group schedules and activities.

The full-potential of each and every child is nurtured in our secure, loving environment, by our certified educational team. Our staff provides activities that enable your child to develop, explore and discover on his or her own, with teacher assistance when appropriate. Our developmental curriculum is woven into the fabric of each day at Acacia, helping with every transitional stage. At the toddler stage, children learn to play alongside one another. Social skills continue to develop, and our teachers continually focus on your child’s physical and intellectual skills.


*Spaces Currently Available!

At this age your child is a natural explorer, curious and wanting to see what the world has to offer. This is the age when your child begins to master the ABC’s, colors, numbers and hundreds of new words. Many objectives in the areas of auditory and visual development are realized between three and five years of age. One of our primary goals at Acacia is to cultivate your child’s natural curiosity, imagination, and need to explore. Our learning activities are diverse and well-rounded as we help your child develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

A primary tool we use to help your preschooler learn, grow and thrive are the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines, which focus on the development of the whole child. In addition, we use Creative Curriculum to guide our lesson plan development and we use Brightwheel to aid in our assessments. 

Your child’s teacher utilizes these tools on an ongoing basis, customizing learning plans and activities to help your child realize his or her full potential. Teacher interaction is a key to this program, encouraging children to question why things happen or why they work, challenging them to try new things that reinforce their learning skills.



Our Before and After School programs are here to help your child start and end each day on a positive note. Before school we offer a wholesome breakfast and fun things to do while getting ready for class.

When the school day is done, we are here to provide for a release of energy with games and play, snacks, structured homework help, computer and other technological assistance, and creative programs.

Our teachers are here to provide your child with guidance and assistance with school assignments and even tutoring when needed.