Infant Care:

We have designed our infant care program to be an extension of your home, building on the schedule you have already established for your child. In other words our schedule fits with and builds on the schedule that works for you, including feeding times and nap times.

Toddler Care:

Once your child begins to walk, we are here to walk with him or her every step of the way. Our toddler team directs activities that enable your child to begin to develop, explore and discover on his or her own.


Your child’s preschool years are a time of wonder and exploration, a season when your child has a thirst to learn. In this season we work to cultivate that natural curiosity and desire to explore. Our learning activities are specifically focused on developing your child’s love of learning.

Before and After School Care:

A day that starts with a nutritious breakfast is a day that starts right, so that’s the way we begin your child’s day at Acacia. And during the after school hours we are here to see that your child has the support needed to succeed.